Well, it was a good theory. Within a day or two, my simple system of index cards had grown to a stack of index cards, which is harder to carry and to sort through than a nicely organized, database on my computer and handheld device.

This process, however, threw a light on the real problem - too much stuff to do. Too much stuff to organize. Too much stuff to remember. Too much stuff to take care of. In short, before I can organize and perhaps automate and delegate, I need to declutter my life, my to do list, and my mind. Tackling what I have now is like trying to impose order on the Aegean stables' daily output. Futile and frustrating.

So, paradoxically, I bought a copy of a book: Zen to Done by Leo Babauta. Babauta runs a blog (Zen Habits) that I've occasionally checked in on. It looked great, but I need some sort of over all guide to put the ideas into an organized picture. This book likes a good start on the path to inner decluttering.

Wish me luck!