Today, I bit the proverbial bullet. I deleted time management software off of my computer, my iTouch, and my Blackberry.

Relief battles with anxiety. I rejoice in the feeling that I do know what needs to be done next. That knowledge is truly in me and not in a device somewhere that I might drop or forget. If I drop myself, well, then I'm done for and who would care about my time management capacity anyway?

To augment my memory, I do have some notes written on note cards. I still carry around file folders for larger projects. My calendar is still up on the web - in Google calendar to be specific - and synchronizes with my Blackberry. But I don't have to turn something on to remember what to do next. Strange how that had become such a crutch!

I still have feelings of anxiety, however. What if I forget something important in those folders and piles of stuff? Well, what if??? That is one of those issues that we all need to confront from time to time: what is the worst that will happen as a result of some occurrence. In most cases, nothing serious will happen. If I forget to pay a bill, there might be some repercussions, but you usually have some grace period for such things, as well as more than one reminder from some bureaucrat in an office. Usually.

If I were a betting man, however, I'd have to place the odds pretty low. Most of what I'll forget to do are things that no one really considers important, don't contribute to an important outcome, and certainly do not contribute to my mission in life. If they did, I'd remember them!

The return on the bet is substantial. I'll take a little anxiety over the overwhelming stress I was experiencing as I looked at "to do" lists that continued to grow faster than I could confront them. Like hydras, more was added every time I went to mark something off. I may go back to using an electronic system some day, but it will be a deliberate choice.